Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Taliser Avery '02, internship with Russell Reynolds Associates, researching and coordinating the company's practice sectors, e.g. financial services, industrial, China, etc, in Hong Kong
Sam Abrams '05, Joseph Gulezian '05, and Pon Souvannesong '05, project with Builders for Peace, in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Stephanie Albin '05, internship in the Emergency Room of Lenox Hospital in New York City, assisted with a Post-9/11 Trauma Study
Bernie Bazile '02, internship with the Education and Manpower Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR, conducting and education assessment, in Hong Kong
Nicole Bores '02, "Assessing the Impacts of Outsiders on Community Empowerment: Water Source Protection in Rural Uganda", researched in Uganda
Ehren Brav '02, internship with Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited, analyzing how all aspects of trade between Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, the Mainland and Taiwan can be put online, in Hong Kong
Alexander Busse '04 and Sean Young '04, "Housing and Sustainable Development in South Africa: An Examination of Informal Settlements in the Greater Johannesburg Area", researched in South Africa
Alex Busse '04, "Civil Society and the Peace Process: Sri Lanka Looks to the Future", researched in Sri Lanka
Meghan Carleton '02, internship at Education and Manpower Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR, researching on how to promote the professionalism of teachers in Hong Kong, in Hong Kong
Jaime Carlson '02, "Migrating for Work: Globalization and Labor", researched in Thailand
Christina Chan '02, internships with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, researching how to exploit the TDC's portal's market share in China, in Hong Kong
Sarah Dalglish '05, internship at the National Security Archive, compiling a chronology of Caspian Sea energy issues as a foundation for the Archive to make FOIA requests, in Washington, DC
Jana Frey '02, "The Plight of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan", researched in Pakistan
Joan Hamory, 02, internship with Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd., researching new cash market investment products traded on major overseas stock exchanges, in Hong Kong
Grace Hollister '02 and Kelly Morrison '02, "Senegalese Women and Microcredit: The Search for a Suitable Solution", researched in Senegal
Yeechin Karen Huang '02, internship, Crown Worldwide Industries, conducting a global assessment of Crown's training practices and assisting in the creation of two on-line courses, in Hong Kong
Caroline Kelly '02, 2002 Humanity in Action Fellow, researched in Germany
Jared Levant '02, "Pharoah's Legacy: The Nature of Conflict in Modern Egypt", researched in Egypt
Anne O'Loughlin '02, "Occupational Hazard? The Life of the Migrant Worker in Taiwan", researched in Taiwan
Alexander Parachini '05, "Racism and the New Right in America", research directed by MacArthur Fellow Leonard Zeskind
Ingrid Rasmussen '03, "Turkish Immigrants and Citizenship in Italy and Germany: Religion and Education", research conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and Antonio Amedus Institute for Democracy in Berlin, Germany
Tristan Reed '02, internship with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, conducting an evaluation of the health plan that the Hong Kong Jockey Club offers to its employees, in Hong Kong
Jacob Silberberg '02, internship at Grey Asia Advertising, researching the youth market in Hong Kong, in Hong Kong
Anoop Swaminath '02, internship with the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong SAR, on the feasibility of legal betting on soccer, in Hong Kong
David Tran '02, internships with ebiz incubation Co. Ltd., assessing the deal flow management process, in Hong Kong
Anthony Wan '02, internships with OOCL, analyzing third party logistical operations for Cargo System, in Hong Kong
Sean Young '04, 2002 Leonard Silk-EPIIC Fellow, International Consortium for Investigative Journalists
Thomas Zanios '02, internship with the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, researching delivery channels for financial services and their impact on bank strategies, in Hong Kong
EPIIC Class, 2002, prepared briefing papers on critical aspects of global inequities for the director of the Strategic Policy Unit for the Secretary-General of the United Nations