Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Karen Ahlborn '94 and Kate Konschnik '94, United Nations World Summit for Social Development, the only two undergraduates to present their research at the conference; their topics were "Nationalism and Separatism in Northeast India" and "Exploring the Links between Human, Environmental, and Political Security: A Case Study of the Tuareg in Mali", respectively, presented in Stockholm

Gregory Karpinski '95, "The Rise of Fundamentalism and the Prospects for Civil Society", researched in Kuwait, Egypt, and Israel and the West Bank
Marc Kasanin '94, project on the virtual reconstruction of the Sarajevo Library, working with Andras Reidlmayer, Curator, Fogg Museum, Harvard
Maura Lynch F'95, "The Reunification of Families in Eastern Europe after Civil Strife", researched in Georgia