Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Aparna Basnyat '00 and Carolyn Hunt '00, "The Trafficking of Nepali Girls and Women in the Brothels of India", researched in Nepal
Elizabeth Chen '99, "Popular Culture and Democratization in China", researched in China
Allison Cohen '98, "Organizational Profiles: Key Right-Wing Legal Institutions", a project for The Center for Democracy Studies, in US
Goh Chin Lian '00, "Rural Election in the People's Republic of China", researched in China
Alexandra Haddad '97, "Demilitarization and Women's Health Issues", researched in Costa Rica and Guatemala
Anthony Lin '99, "Two Engines of the Chinese Reform Machine: Special Economic Zones and Rural Enterprises", researched in China
Courtney Reed '97, "One Country, Two Systems or One Country, One System?", researched in Hong Kong
Samar Shaheryar '99, "War Crimes and Women's Issues: Rape and Dilemmas of the Witness Protection Program", researched at The Hague
Serge Todorovich '97, "Refugees and the Dilemmas of Reconciliation", researched in The Serb Republic