Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Meghan Armistead '96 and Maria Kamin '97, "Liberation Theology and The Chiapas Conflict", researched in Mexico

Matt Cammack '96 "Reconstructing the Historical Record", researched in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Krista Desgranges '97, Micah Meisel '98, Kavita Pillay '97, "Possibilities for Reconciliation: The Fate of Jerusalem", 1996, researched in Israel and the West Bank
Omer Hiziroglu '98, "Reconstructing Beirut: How the Past Influences the Future", researched in Beirut
Lucas Kello '99, "Political Disputes, Ethnicity, and Post-war Reconstruction", researched in Bosnia Herzegovina
David McNally '97, "After the 'Troubles': Restoring Civil Society in Northern ireland", researched in Northern Ireland
Delegation of six EPIIC students, 1996, United Nations Human Settlements Conference, presentation of their original research and CD-Rom on "Beyond Intolerance: Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Beirut, Belfast, Jerusalem, and Sarajevo", in Istanbul, Turkey