Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Ramin Arani '92 and Jeremy Bohrer '93, "National Security Measures in the Israeli Occupied Territories: Systemic Human Rights Violations and Security Concerns", researched in Israel and the West Bank

Mark Carrie '92, "Haiti Since Duvalier: The Impact of Duvalierism on the Pursuit of Democratic Rule", researched in Haiti
Mark Carrie '92, researcher on law and civil society for the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, researched in Argentina
Rob Daniels '91, "Contending with Past Human Right Violations and Ethnic Schisms: Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia", researched in Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia
Rob Daniels '91 and Raluca Oncioiu F'92, internship at Freedom House in New York City, researching the annual freedom report
Keith Fitzgerald '91 and Brian O'Rourke '92, "Counterterrorism, Civil Liberties, and the Use of Lethal Force in Northern Ireland", researched in Northern Ireland