Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Abisoye Babajide '00, and Danielle Lightburn, BU'00, participated in a needs-assessment tour by KIND of NGO's that work with women and youth, researched in Nigeria

Sam Barzilay '00, Hyun Jung Choi '01, and Shorena Shaverdashvili '01, Corporate
Crime and Corruption: The Caspian and Beyond", researched in Azerbaijan
Ehren Brav '02, "The Media: Fanning the Flames of Ethnic Hatred", researched in Bosnia Herzegovina
Kristen Cibelli '99 and Tamy Guberek '02, "Justice Unknown, Justice Unsatisfied? Bosnia NGOs Speak about the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia" (they interviewed 54 NGOs in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia about the ICTY and about the proposed truth and reconciliation commission and organized a conference at the University of Sarajevo on their findings; their report is currently being used as a foundation for outreach to the community in Sierra Leone as that country begins its truth and reconciliation process, researched in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Arum Han '01 and Keiko Nakano '01, "The Legacy of War Crimes and the Potential for Reconciliation", researched in Japan and South Korea
Julie Leimbach '00, "Truth and Reconciliation: The Witnesses in the Western Cape Truth and Reconciliation Amnesty Hearings", researched in South Africa
Harris Rashid '00 and Hyun Jung "Jo" Choi '01, "The Indonesian General Elections and Corruption", researched in Indonesia