Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


Jaya Baloo '95, "Population Growth and the Environment in India", researched in India

Christy Barnes '92, Brian Kaplan '92, Ben Macklowe '92, Ann Riley '92,
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (The Rio Earth Summit), in Brazil
John Horowitz '92 and Lauren Lovelace '92, "Economic Growth vs. Environmental
Security: The Future of Russia", researched in Russia
Brian Kaplan '92, "People and the Planet" project, research for two-time
Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe photojournalist Stan Grossfeld, in US
Mouna Khabbaz '92, "Water Scarcity, Population Growth, and the Nile River", researched in Egypt
Samia Kirmani '92 and Lara Staub '93, "Challenging 'Conservation by Self-Determination': The Miskito Indians of Nicaragua", researched in Nicaragua
Katherine Langley '92 and Ann Riley '92, "The Colorado River Basin: Water Scarcity and Water Security", researched in Colorado, US
Kevin McCauley '92, "Spirits of Violence: An Experimental Perspective on the Militarization of Zimbabwean Identity and the Reconstruction of Memory in Southern Africa", researched in Zimbabwe
Sol Nasisi '92, "Water in the Middle East: Technological and Economic
Alternatives", researched in Jordan and Israel