Democracy in Crisis? Civil Society and Politics in the United States

April 5, 1997
Tufts University Campus | Cabot Auditorium | 9:15am


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John Brooke
Chair, Department of History, Tufts University

Ronnie Dugger
Founder, Alliance for Democracy; Former Co-Editor (with Molly Ivins), The Texas Observer

Michael Dukakis
1988 Democratic U.S. Presidential Candidate; Former Governor of Massachusetts; Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University

Susan Ostrander
Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Author, Money for Change

Sidney Verba
University Professor, Harvard University; Author, Voice and Equality: Civic Volunteerism in American Politics and Equality in America: The View From the Top

Diane Wilkerson
Senator, Massachusetts State Senate

Gordon Wood
Professor of History, Brown University; Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, The Radicalism of the American Revolution

Allison Cohen
EPIIC Colloquium

John Brooke