Corruption: The Global Threat to Democracy

April 5, 1997
Tufts University Campus | Cabot Auditorium | 11:30am


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Adolfo Aguilar Zinser
Legislator; Senior Member, Mexican Commission on Political Corruption, Mexico

M. Shahid Alam
Professor of Economics, Northeastern University; Author, Governments and Markets: Corruption As An Economic Development Strategy

Jack Blum
Attorney, Lobel, Novins, Lamont & Flug; Former Chief Investigator, U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Virginie Coulloudon
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Davis Center for Russian Studies, Harvard University; Author, The Mafia in The Soviet Union

R. Bruce McColm
Director, Institute for Democratic Strategies; Former Director, International Republican Institute; Former Director, Freedom House

Jeanne Penvenne
Professor of History, Tufts University

Samar Shaheryar
EPIIC Colloquium

Bruce McColm