Democracy: Universalism or Cultural Imperialism

April 4, 1997
Tufts University Campus | Cabot Auditorium | 8:00pm


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Bogdan Denitch
Professor of Sociology, City University of New York Graduate School; Author, Ethnic Nationalism: The Tragic Death of Yugoslavia; Director, Transition To Democracy

Morton Halperin
Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Director, Office of Democracy and Human Rights, National Security Council

Steven Hirsch
Chair, Department of Classics, Tufts University

A.S. Asiful Islam
Member, EPIIC Colloquium on "The Future of Democracy;" Junior, Tufts University

Mallika Mathur
Member, EPIIC Colloquium on "The Future of Democracy;" Sophomore, Tufts University

Ann Elizabeth Mayer
Associate Professor of Legal Studies, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Author, Islam and Human Rights

Edward Said
University Professor, Columbia University; Author, Culture and Imperialism, The Politics of Dispossession, and Orientalism

Chen-I Lin and Anthony Lin
EPIIC Colloquium

Steven Hirsch