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The Iraq Project

At the Helsinki talks, participants included, from left: Younadim Yousif Kana from Iraq; Martin McGuinness from Northern Ireland; Tufts Provost and Senior Vice President Jamshed Bharucha; Kelsi Stine, A10; Tufts trustee Robert Bendetson, A73; Sheikh Wisam

Derived from EPIIC's 2006 forum,"The Politics of Fear", the Institute's “Iraq: Moving Forward” Symposium (January 2007) evolved into closed facilitations, Helsinki I in September 2007, Helsinki II in Finland in April 2008, and is now continuing in Badgdad Iraq. Links and Media NECN: "The Main Event"

McGuinness urges Iraq to learn from N. Ireland's past Read the Boston Globe Article on 7/6/08

Tufts' Institute for Global Leadership co-convenes Iraqi peace talks in Helsinki Read the Tufts Daily Article on the Iraq Project The Origins of the Iraq Project (download PDF 176k)Giving Peace a Chance: Tufts Journal Article on Iraq Project Bringing Iraqi's to the Table : Boston Globe Article on Iraq Project


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