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Ali Allawi, former Minister of Defense, Iraq, and Omar Ghazi Al-Shahery, Deputy Director General, Defense Intelligence and Security, Ministry of Defense, Iraq

- The Robert and Jo Ann Bendetson Public Diplomacy Initiative
Ali Allawi, Former Minister of Defense and Minister of Trade, Interim Iraq Government Council; Former Minister of Finance, Iraqi Transitional Government; Author, The Occupation of Iraq Winning the War, Losing the Peace will visit the IGL for a week in January. They will be joined by Amb. Peter Galbraith, author of The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created A War Without End; Hania Mufti, the director of Middle East Watch for Human Rights Watch; and Thomas Ricks, author of FIASCO: The American Military Adventure in Iraq.

- Guantanamo: How Should We Respond? Teach-In
This series of presentations will explore the consequences of the practices at Guantanamo on US domestic and foreign policies and the tensions between national security and civil liberties. Participants include: Rear Admiral John D. Hutson (US Navy), Former Judge Advocate General, US Navy; Alberto Mora, former General Counsel, U.S. Navy; Michael Posner, President of Human Rights First; David Rivkin, Visiting Fellow at the Nixon Center; Amb. John Shattuck, former US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor; and Sabin Willett, who represents prisoners in Guantanamo Bay on a pro bono basis. (October 5, 2006)

- Project on Forward Engagement
The objective of the Forward Engagement Project, led by Leon Fuerth, the former National Security Adviser for Vice President Al Gore, is to encourage a more profound and continuous interaction between long-range forecasting and long-range policy-making – preparing for “social tsunamis.” Encouraging this development is key to better safeguarding our society from unanticipated, strategic surprise and, in particular, assuring the continued ability of democratic governance to successfully deal with an increasing rate of change in every area of human activity. The Project will be working with EPIIC on the symposium and a related workshop.

- The Project on Justice in Times of Transition
Research and Internships with the Project on Justice in Times of Transition, which brings together individuals from a broad spectrum of countries to share experiences in ending conflict, building civil society and fostering peaceful coexistence.

- Center on International Cooperation
Work with the Center’s director, Shepard Forman, and his staff on how unilateral and multilateral strategies play out in U.S. foreign policy and on a joint EPIIC/CIC project to infuse multilateralism into the agendas of the declared and presumptive candidates for the U.S. presidency.

- Physicians for Human Rights National Student Leaders’ Pre-Conference Event on “Global Health: Pandemics and Preparedness”
The IGL will convene several public programs addressing the questions of: How prepared is the international community to contend with a pandemic outbreak? What are the likely human and economic repercussions
and what steps can be taken now to avoid catastrophe? This will be held in conjunction with the Tufts’ Global Health Initiative, the Luce Program in Science and Humanitarianism, the Community Health Program, and the Tufts University Medical School. (November 3, 2006)

- Voices From The Field
EPIIC will convene this forum, sponsored by the Offices of the President and the Provost, to bring Tufts alumni who are veterans of global NGO work back to campus to discuss NGO accountability in the field and develop “best practices.” (February 28-March 5, 2007)

- The Neuroethics of Homeland Security
The IGL will host a daylong workshop exploring the ethics of the application of advances in neuroscience to the “war on terrorism.” It will be convened by EPIIC alumnus Professor Turhan Canli of Stony Brook University. Participants include Susan Brandon, former Assistant Director of Social, Behavioral, and Educational Sciences in the Office of Science and Technology Policy at The White House and Major William Casebeer (USAF), Chief of Eurasian Intelligence Analysis at NATO Military Headquarters. (September 29, 2006)