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International Symposium


Wednesday, February 17

* The Death of Conscience? The Ways, Means, and Ends of Corruption in the United States

Wednesday, February 24

* U.S. Diplomacy and Corrupt Foreign Practices: From Iran-Contra to Suharto

Thursday, February 25

* Risk and Accountability in the Global Economy

Thursday, March 4

* Narcopolitics in the Americas


Friday, March 5

* Crime and Corruption in East Asia
* Media: The Challenges of Crime, Corruption, and Accountability
* Voices from the Field: The Human Face of Crime and Corruption
* Welcome and Recognition Awards
* Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award and Address
* State Crimes and Accountability: Are Truth and Reconciliation Compatible?

Saturday, March 6

* Hot Money and BCCI: Fraud, Finance, and International Security
* IMF and the World Bank: Time for Reform
* Corporate Crime and Corruption: The Caspian and Beyond
* Russia: Complex Webs of Transition
* Recognition Awards
* Transnational Crime, Terrorism and the Arms Trade

Sunday, March 7

* Information Highway Robbery: Cybercrime in the United States and the European Union
* The Corruption Eruption: Strategies for Accountability


Friday, March 12

* International Art Crime

Thursday, April 15

* War Crimes and Accountability: From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Court

Thursday, April 29

* History and Accountability: Japanese War Crimes


From an editorial published in The Boston Globe Sunday, February 28, 1999

"...[T]he symposium will bring together some extraordinary men and women who have risked their lives and careers in the fight for accountable government and transparent financial systems. "Among the participants will be Wole Soyinka, a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and an intrepid opponent of Nigeria's corrupt military dictatorship; the fearless and lucid Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng; Luis Moreno Ocampo, president of Transparency International for Latin America and the Caribbean and a former prosecutor of the Argentine junta. This is a symposium that promises to bring history makers together with students to seek answers for the knottiest problems bedeviling the contemporary world. The event illustrates the possibilities for moral and intellectual relevance at a university." Click here for FULL TEXT of editorial.