EPIIC Archives


This an opportunity for informal, in depth encounters with an aspect of the subject

* Punish or Pardon?--Dr. R. Bruce McColm and Mr. Jack Tobin
* Crimes of Obedience--Dr. Herbert Kelman
* Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples--Dr. Jason Clay
* The Israeli Peace Movement, the Palestinians and Human Rights--Mr. Sherman Teichman
* Transforming the Bystander--Dr. Walter Swap and Dr. Ervin Staub
* Education for Human Rights--Dr. Paul Martin
* Human Rights in the USSR--Mr. Josh Rubenstein
* Women and Human Rights--Ms. Sheila Dauer
* Curriculum Development on Human Rights and Foreign Policy--Dr. Steven Cohen
* The Death Penalty--Dr. Hugo Bedeau
* Literature and Human Rights--Dr. Marjorie Agosin
* Human Rights Medical Missions--Dr. Howard Hu
* Human Rights Organizing--Mr. Matt Lorin
* War and Censorship--Mr. Benjamin Pogrund and Ms. Pnina Lahav

* In the past, EPIIC professional workshops have served as the genesis for projects such as ArmsWatch, now part of Human Rights Watch, a group that monitors small arms production and arms sales around the world, and Women In Black, an Israeli group that protested the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.