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Special Events

Celebrating Non-Violence: A Tribute to the "Trabajadores Campesinos" of Colombia

Sunday Evening, March 3
6:00pm, Hotung Cafe

On Sunday evening, EPIIC and the Colombian Human Rights Network will honor the Association of Peasant Workers of Carare (ATCC). The ATCC was organized in May 1987 under the slogan "For the right to life, peace and work." The group's strategy is to maintain constant dialogue with all the parties to violence (military, paramilitary, drug traffickers and guerrillas) and an unshakable commitment to non-violence. The ATCC's three leading members were assassinated by a paramilitary death squad last February. The ATCC is one of the recipients of the 1990 Right Livelihood Award. Known as the "Alternative Nobel", this is the eleventh consecutive year that the Swedish Parliament has presented the award to individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the survival of humanity.

The video Behind the Cocaine War, which details the ATCC's non violent struggle, and presentations by the ATCC leaders Orlando Gaitan and Jael Quiroga will be held in Hotung from 6:00-8:00pm with an Introduction by Alberto Galan.

Benefit Dance with Flor de Cana for ATCC

Sunday Evening, March 3
8:00pm, Hotung Cafe

There will be live music and dancing with Flor de Cana in MacPhie Pub at 8.00pm. The band has a Pan-American repertoire; powerful contemporary and traditional Latin American music that is both celebratory and contemplative, including dance tunes, rousing sing-alongs, powerful ballads, and instrumental showpieces. Flor de Cana was named the "outstanding Latin Act" in 1990 by the Boston Music Awards.

Jeff McLaughlin of the Boston Globe has said, "Flor de Cana stirs the soul and awakens the feet; the road to justice may be long, but their music helps ensure it will be a joyous journey for all people with the unquenchable will to dance and sing together in freedom's name."