The Midnight Knock: Living Under State Terror

February 25, 2006

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Screening of “Silencing Justice: The Status of Human Rights Activists in Colombia”
A documentary by Tufts students Trevor Martin, Julian Roberts, Justin St. Cyr

Introduction and Presentation of Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award:
Amara Nickerson
EPIIC Coloquium Members


Sarah Arkin
Senior, Tufts University; EPIIC ’04; she interned with VII Photographer John Stanmeyer in Northern Uganda during the summer of 2005

Carmen Hertz
Chilean Human Rights Lawyer, whose husband was disappeared during the Pinochet years

Mac Maharaj
Former Secretary and Commander of Operation Vula, African National Congress Underground; Member, African National Congress Negotiating Team and Joint Negotiation Secretary to the Multiparty Talks, South Africa; Former Minister of Transport, South Africa

Monique Skidmore
Author, Karaoke Fascism: The Politics of Fear in Burma, Burma at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century, and Complicity: Health, Human Rights, and Global Culpability in the 21st Century (forthcoming); Coeditor, Women and the Contested State: Religion, Violence, and Agency in South and Southeast Asia; Project Director, “Children as Peacemakers: An Ethnographic Study of Healing and Community in War-Torn Societies (Burma, Liberia, Uganda), Australian Research Council

Arlyn Escalante and Jessica Harris
EPIIC Colloquium Members