Fault Lines: The Tension between Security and Civil Liberties

February 24, 2006


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Announcement of Mock U.S. Senate Hearing on the Patriot Act and Presentation of EPIIC Alumni Award to Bryan Bachner
Sarah Kafka
EPIIC Colloquium Member


Bryan Bachner
Assistant Director, Directorate of Legal Research for International, Comparative, and Foreign Law, Law Library of Congress

Ruth Levush
Senior Foreign Legal Specialist on Israel, Law Library of Congress

Theresa Papademetriou
Senior Foreign Legal Specialist on Greece and the European Union, Law Library of Congress

Gwyn Prins
Coauthor, Understanding Unilateralism in American Foreign Relations; Author, The Heart of War: On Power, Conflict and Obligation in the 21st Century; Former Senior Fellow, Office of the Special Adviser on Central and Eastern European Affairs, office of the Secretary-General, NATO Alliance Research Professor, European Institute, London School of Economics and Columbia University

Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand
Senior Foreign Legal Specialist on Argentina and Spain, Law Library of Congress

Peter Roudik
Senior Foreign Legal Specialist on Russia, Law Library of Congress

Jessica Anderson and Anna Gollub
EPIIC Colloquium Members