The Global Commons: The Environment and Superpower Responsibility

February 27, 2004


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William Moomaw
Professor of International Environmental Policy at The Fletcher School and Senior Director of the Tufts Institute of the Environment, Tufts University; Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2003; Science Advisory Committee, Earthwatch; Coeditor, Transboundary Environmental Negotiation and People and Their Planet: Searching for Balance

Adil Najam
Associate Professor of International Negotiation and Diplomacy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; Director, Board of Governors, Pakistan Institute for Environment Development Action Research; Author, "The Case Against a New International Environmental Organization" and "Climate Negotiations Beyond Kyoto: Developing Country Concerns and Interests"; Editor, Environment, Development and Human Security: Perspectives from South Asia; Coauthor, Civic Entrepreneurship: Civil Society Perspectives on Sustainable Development, Vol. 1

Atiq Rahman
Visiting Professor of International Diplomacy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; Executive Director, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies; Coordinator, Global Forum on the Environment and Poverty; Author, Environment & Poverty: Key Linkages for Global Sustainable Development and Exploding the Population Myth: 'Consumption Versus Population'- Which is the Climate Bomb?

Daphne Wysham
Fellow, board member, the Institute for Policy Studies, Transnational Institute; Founder and director, Sustainable Energy & Economy Network; Co-editor, Beyond Bretton Woods: Alternatives to the Global Economic Order; Co-author, among others, The World Bank and the G-7: Changing the Earth's Climate for Business; Enron's Pawns: How Public Institutions Bankrolled Enron's Globalization Game; and Crude Vision: How Oil Interests Obscured US Government Focus on Chemical Weapons Use by Saddam Hussein

Trevanna Grenfell and Michael Kastoryano
EPIIC Colloquium