Economic Hegemony? Trade, Aid and Development

February 27, 2004


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Robert Lawrence
Albert L. Williams Professor of International Trade and Investment, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research; Former Member, President's Council of Economic Advisers; Author, Can America Compete?; Coauthor, A Vision for the World Economy

Toby McIntosh
Managing Editor, Daily Report for Executives, Money & Politics Report, BNA's Banking Report, Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.; Founder and Director, "IFTIWatch",, The National Security Archive

Morris Miller
Former Executive Director, World Bank; Adjunct Professor of Administration, University of Ottawa; Economic Consultant on international development issues; President, M & M Associates Inc.; Chairman, Tele-Teaching International Inc.; former Deputy Secretary General, United Nations; former Economist, U.N. Resources Development Group; Author, Debt & the Environment: Converging Crises, "Globalization: Structural Adjustment on a Planetary Scale" and "The Call for a New (Improved) Bretton Woods"

David Rothkopf
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Intellibridge; former Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for international trade policy, U.S. Department of Commerce; former Managing Director, Kissinger Associates; Founder and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, International Media Partners; Principal Editor, The Big Emerging Markets

Kristian Horvei and Claudine Iliev
EPIIC Colloquium