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Sunday, March 8,

These are intended to be informal, in-depth encounters with specialists in their respective fields -- they are contingent upon enrollment, a minimum of 10 people per workshop.

  • North-South Agenda at the Rio "Earth" Summit -- Smitu Kothari
  • Energy and National Security -- Joseph Romm
  • International Population Policy -- Mark Munger, Chair, Massachusetts Planned Parenthood
  • The International Drug Trade and the Environment -- Alberto Galan, Master's Candidate, Urban Environmental Policy, Tufts University; former Chief, Division of Education, Colombia
  • International Toxic Waste Trade -- Hugh Pilgrim, Associate, Center for Environmental Management, Tufts University
  • Biodiversity and the Rainforest -- Jason Clay
  • Global Warming -- Bill Moomaw
  • Forests and Environmental Degradation -- N.C. Saxena
  • Health and the Environment -- Dieter Koch-Weser, Former Dean of International Programs and Chair of Social and Preventative Medicine, Harvard University Medical School
  • Sustainable Development -- Neva Goodwin and Jonathan Harris, Boston University
  • The Gulf War and the Environment -- Richard Golob
  • Security and the Environment -- Ken Conca, Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Co-Editor, Environmental Dramas on a Hundred Thousand Stages: Society, Politics and Global Interdependence
  • Business and Sustainable Development -- Lisa Jordan
  • Water and Conflict Resolution -- John Woodall, Psychologist; Research Fellow, Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age
  • Food, Spirituality and Your Environment -- Ralph Taylor, Founding Director, The Working Land Fund