Karen S. Fegley, Big Red & Shiny
Published March 2, 2010

Although World War II ended 65 years ago and its slipstream, the Cold War, began to grind to a halt around 1985, the world remains an unquiet place. Since the Cold War, we have witnessed bloody conflicts in Bosnia, the Congo, and Palestine (to name a few); the destruction of the Twin Towers and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in response; and a continuing litany of catastrophes both natural and manmade -- Chernobyl, AIDS, the 2004 Asian tsunami, widespread poverty. The photographs presented in “Questions Without Answers” -- works by photojournalists from the noted VII Photo Agency -- document these and similar events of the past 25 years. These superb works -- a mix of color and black-and-white photographs -- are compelling, and will stay with the viewer long after leaving the gallery.