What Do We Fear?

February 23, 2006

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Introduction and Presentation of EPIIC Alumni Award:
Molly Whittington
EPIIC Colloquium Member


Turhan Canli
Assistant Professor of Psychology, State University of New York, Stony Brook; Author, "Functional Brain Mapping of Extraversion and Neuroticism: Learning from Individual Differences in Emotion Processing" and "I Know What I Was Feeling, but What Was I Thinking?"; Coauthor, "Individual Differences in Emotion Processing"; Recipent, 2006 EPIIC Distinguished Alumni Award (EPIIC '86)

Benjamin Friedman
Author, “Think Again: Homeland Security,” “When Is a Nuke not a Nuke? A Primer on Nuclear Reductions”; Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, MIT

Anastasia Konstantakatou
Senior, Tufts University; EPIIC’06; her presentation is based on her senior honors thesis on "Resistance in War, Revolution and Dictatorship: Examples from the Literature of France, Germany and South America"

Sanford L. Weiner
Research Associate, Security Studies Program, Center for International Studies, MIT, studying risk assessment on biosecurity and cross-national responses to health and environmental crises; Course Director, MIT Professional Courses, "Promoting Innovation: The Dynamics of Organizations and Technology" and "Combatting Bioterrorism: Implementing Policies for Biosecurity"

Samantha Karlin and Ilya Lozovsky
EPIIC Colloquium Members