US Engagement in Africa: Challenges Ahead

February 29, 2004


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Fred Berger
Senior Vice President, Louis Berger Group Inc., where his current responsibilities include Africa, Japan and special projects; he has been actively involved with international development since 1972, when his three-week pavement deflection inventory near Lagos turned into a three-year assignment throughout Nigeria; his developmental assignments, primarily in the transport sector, have spanned all four LDC continents and include technical contributions to, or active supervision of, projects in some 60 countries

Jeanne Penvenne
Associate Professor of History, Tufts University; Author, "A Tapestry of Conflict - Mozambique 1960-1995"

Samantha Power
Pulitzer Prize-winning author, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide; Founding Executive Director, Carr Center for Human Rights Policy (1998-2002), Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Gwyn Prins
Coauthor, Understanding Unilateralism in American Foreign Relations; author, The Heart of War: On Power, Conflict and Obligation in the 21st Century; former Senior Fellow, Office of the Special Adviser on Central and Eastern European Affairs, office of the Secretary General, NATO; Alliance Research Professor, European Institute, London School of Economics and Columbia University

Peter Rosenblum
Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein Clinical Professor of Human Rights Law, Columbia Law School; former Staff attorney, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights; former Consultant, Human Rights Watch/Africa Watch; former Human Rights Officer, United Nations Human Rights Center, Switzerland; Member, UN Secretary General's Resource Group on the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Hussainatu Blake and Joanna Friedman
EPIIC Colloquium