The Promotion and Export of Democracy: Global Imperative or Imposition?

April 6, 1997
Tufts University Campus | Cabot Auditorium | 1:30pm

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Morton Halperin
Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Director, Office of Democracy and Human Rights, National Security Council

Sean Lynn-Jones
Co-Editor, International Security; Co-Author, Debating The Democratic Peace

Tommie Sue Montgomery
Visiting Professor of Political Science, Tufts University: Author, Revolution in El Salvador: From Civil Strife to Civil Peace; Director, Multilateral Approaches to Peacemaking and Democratization in the Western Hemisphere, North-South Center

Tony Smith
Chair of Political Science, Tufts University; Author, America's Mission: the United States and the Worldwide Struggle for Democracy in the Twentieth Century

Michael Trahan
1995 Commander, U.S. Ground Maneuver/Quick Reaction Forces, Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti

Edmundo Vargas
Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Chile; General Secretary, Human Rights Commission, Organization of American States

Peter Winn
Professor of History, Tufts University; Author, Americas

Ruben Zamora
Secretary-General, Democratic Convergence Party; Deputy Elect, National Assembly, El Salvador

Natalia Criado and Goh Chin Lian
EPIIC Colloquium