Report of the Pilot Citizen's Panel on Telecommunications and Democracy

April 4, 1997
Tufts University Campus | Coolidge Room | 11:00am


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The summation of over 50 hours of deliberation by 15 Massachusetts citizens on the impact of emerging telecommunications technologies on the future character of American society and politics Panelists

Frantz A. Boneau, Frank Cobis, David Collyer, Pat Fina, Charles Jones, Ian MacKinnon, Carolyn MacRae, Che Madyun, Robert Mugford, Paula Robinson, Ingrid Schorr, Hannah Schuller, Patricia Thornton, Susan Walsh, F. Douglas Williams

As part of the process they were briefed by:
Alex Morrow, Fellow, Lotus Development Corporation
Philip Balboni, President, New England Cable News
Sharon Gillett, Principal, Victory Research, Research Affiliate at the Sloan Business School
Laura Ring, Executive Director, Massachusetts Telecommunications Council
Richard Sclove, Executive Director, Loka Institute
Colin Crowell, Legislative Assistant, Office of Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA)
Greg Sheldon, Consultant, Telecom City
Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Director, America Speaks
Lee McKnight, Associate Director, Research Program on Communications Policy, MIT
Marcos Bergamo, Division Scientist, Advanced Networking Department and Principal
Kristan Van Hook, Director of Congressional Affairs, National Telecommunications
Isa Zimmerman, Superintendent of Acton/Boxborough Schools
Susan Getgood, Director of Marketing, Microsystems (Cyber Patrol)
Leah Osterman, Director of Educational Programming, Continental Cablevision
Phil Bereano, Chair, National American Civil Liberties Union, Committee on Data Access, Storage, and Dissemination, and Professor, Department of Technical Communication, University of Washington
Jarice Hanson, Chair, Department of Communication, UMASS