Demons and Dilemmas of Democratization in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

April 3, 1997


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Steve Burg
Professor of Politics, Brandeis University; Author, War or Peace? Nationalism, Democracy and American Foreign Policy in Post-Communist Europe

Virginie Coulloudon
Adviser to the Director for Russian Domestic Affairs and Former Moscow Bureau Chief, Politique Internationale; Author, Le Russisme: A Political Analysis Of The Elite And Patronage In Russia

Josh Freeman
Fellow, Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School; Former Director, Office of Democratization, The Russian Federation, National Democratic Institute

Vida Johnson
Professor of Russian, Tufts University

Matthew Lantz
Research Associate, The Strengthening Democratic Institutions, John F. Kennedy School of Government

Daniel Mulholland
Professor of History, Tufts University

Dov Ronen
Author, The Quest for Self-Determination and The Challenge of Ethnic Conflict, Democracy and Self Determination in Central Europe

Tom Limongello
EPIIC Colloquium

Steve Burg