Lecturers and Advisers

Colloquium Lecturers and Advisers include:

Samih Al-Abed, Former Minister of Planning, the Palestine National Authority
Graham Allison, Author, Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable Catastrophe
Andrew Bacevich, Author, Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War
Diane Davis, Project Director, Urban Resilience in Situations of Chronic Violence, MIT
Bonnie Docherty, Author, Meeting the Challenge: Protecting Civilians through the Convention on Cluster Munitions*
Edward Girardet, Author, Killing the Cranes: A Reporter’s Journey Through Three Decades of War in Afghanistan
Justine Hardy,
Founder and Director of Healing Kashmir

Karl Kaiser, Director, Program on Transatlantic Relations, Weatherhead Center, Harvard University   
David Kilcullen, Senior Counterterrorism Strategist, U.S. State Department
Sherif Mansour, Senior Program Officer, Middle East and North Africa, Freedom House
Amb Jonathan Moore, US Coordinator and Former Ambassador at Large for Refugees
Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Former CIA Station Chief, Soviet Union
Roger Petersen, Author, Resistance and Rebellion: Lessons from Eastern Europe
Lowell Schwartz, Political Scientist, The RAND Corporation; Author, Beyond the Nuclear Shadow
Ervin Staub, Author, Overcoming Evil: Genocide, Violent Conflict and Terrorism
Nik Steinberg, Researcher, Americas Division, Human Rights Watch*
John Tirman, Executive Director, Center for International Studies, MIT; Author, The Deaths of Others

Tufts Lecturers/Advisers include: David Art, Political Science; Daniel Drezner, The Fletcher School; Michael Glennon, The Fletcher School; Kelly Greenhill, Political Science; Bruce Hitchner, Classics; Ayesha Jalal, History; Paul Joseph, Sociology; William Moomaw, The Fletcher School; Vali Nasr, The Fletcher School; William Ostlund, Fletcher Security Studies Fellow; Peter Uvin, The Fletcher School; Robert Wilkinson, The Fletcher School; Peter Winn, History.
* pending confirmation